Initial Huddle
$350 Per each

Spiritual Church Formation & Personal Leadership Consulting

  • 3 Hours Onsite
  • Senior Leadership Involvement
  • Travel inside KC Metro Included
Package of 3 Huddles
$300 Per each

Spiritual Church Formation & Personal Leadership Consulting

  • 90 Minutes In Person or Zoom Huddles
  • Developing People and Systems
  • $25 Travel added, if requested

What are others saying about Brian’s leadership consulting

  • Chris Moix

    Executive Pastor New City Church

    Brian was highly influential in helping us with our transition from “connect groups” to “discipleship groups” here at New City Church. His experience, combined with his unique gifts of teaching and encouragement, gave us not only the tools we needed but the confidence to pull it off.

  • Mark Gillming

    Executive Pastor Bethlehem Church

    Brian Phipps is the “best of the best” when it comes to Life Groups and connecting people in community. He came in to our church and did an assessment of our current procedures and ministries, and then walked us through the changes that will help shape Bethlehem to make a huge difference in this community. Brian knows Small groups and has the path to discipleship figured out. I would highly recommend Brian and his team. Your church can only be better.

  • Angie Bartlette

    Director of Group Life The Summit

    Brian is helping me tap into my leadership abilities in a way that I was not able to do on my own. Brian is not a quick-fix guy. Instead, he pays attention to your personality and your individual situation. Because Brian knows the process of spiritual formation so well, he pushes you to explore beyond where you may be comfortable. Just beyond that comfort zone is a place where you begin to knock down the walls that may have been holding you back. His passion is contagious.

  • Matt Vanderbilt

    Pastor of Connections Bethlehem Church

    We were greatly blessed by having Brian come on-site to our church and teach us about how they make disciples and grow leaders. It is a strategic, well thought-through process that sounds like a great fit for any church trying to improve their effectiveness. He was so down to earth and answered every question in a way that could really help us. I highly recommend your staff spending time with him and learning from his experience.

  • Andy Traub

    Owner: Traub & Associates - Disability Employment & HR Consulting

    Brian has been a true instrument of personal, spiritual and professional development in my life. He continues to help me to look at these three areas- not as separate ideas but to look at them as all bi-products of God’s will for my life. This seemingly simple concept has transformed the lives of my entire family. For that I will be forever grateful and blessed by Brian’s leadership.

  • Kelly Chambers

    Birthday Blessings Creator & President

    Brian has a knack for encouraging those who not only are new to the faith, but also those who are leading within the church to bring them to their full potential and to create the impact that he knows we are meant to have in our communities.

About Brian

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Brian Phipps
Next Steps Pastor - Westside Family Church

Brian loves hanging with his family, hanging with friends, and playing his part to build up the church.  Brian’s favorite things to do are golfing, fishing, and playing Texas Hold’em!

Brian’s leadership development story is unique… beginning with low self-esteem and very little confidence.   Yet, with God’s growing presence in His life and amazing friends and mentors to pull out the leadership gifts and skills God put in him, Brian has become an influential leader that leads others to discover, develop, and deploy the gifts and passions God has given them.  This story keeps developing through more and more people every day.

Carol, Brian, Hannah, Sam, Caleb

Carol          Brian         Hannah         Sam         Caleb

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